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Community Sponsorship

Railgistixs - Had the privilege to sponsor this year Sussex County Farm & Horse Show in Augusta, NJ. Pictured is Jeff Dickinson and his daughter presenting to the winner of the children's Walk / Trot classes.
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Railgistixs Sponsorship

Mission 22

Railgistixs - Believes in helping those that protect us. We support and helped sponsor this year Mission 22 outing at the Otterkill Country Club in Campbell Hall, NY.
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Thank you for the high-quality service I have received from Railgistixs. Being in this business for over 10 years, I have utilized many different logistics companies, and it has been a challenging aspect of running my company. That has not been the case this year with Railgistixs, as your attention to detail is off the charts and the bottom-line results are what counts. I can say that your company has saved me quite a bit of money, as well as peace of mind. Luann Ferrari, President P. S Foods, LLC
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